Recurring Revenue

Once your business is built, the membership-based model kicks in to help support a consistent flow of monthly income.

Gotta Like That

Exploding Market

The fitness industry has increased by $10 billion since 2006*

Ride The Wave


The simple model allows a manager to run the
day-to-day operations of the studio allowing you more freedom and flexibility in your life.

Let’s K.I.S.S.


The FIT36® HIIT workout is truly the next level in fitness training. By combining multiple high-intensity movements into one 36-minute session, HIIT provides a full-body, cardiovascular workout in much less time than traditional classes and weight training.



Science = Results = Freedom


Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is a great strategy to help build muscle, torch fat, and improve overall physical fitness at the same time. It covers various combinations of intense, efficient cardiovascular and muscular training.

36 Minutes / High Intensity
Torch Fat / Build Muscle