No Surprises

Launching a business is always a considerable investment and as an independent owner, those costs can quickly skyrocket.

Becoming a franchisee with FIT36® allows you to understand your franchise costs and total investment requirements up front. Entering this exciting industry with a clear vision on where to start and where to end up is a great foundation for success.

  • Single-Unit Average Total Initial Investment*:$173,900 to $266,650 (depending on market)
  • Single-Unit Franchise Fee: $39,900
  • Term of Franchise Agreement: 10 year
  • Royalty Fund: 6% of gross sales
  • Marketing Fee: Greater of 2% of gross receipts or $500 per month

Multi-unit Owners

FIT36® offers a path to multi-unit ownership that’s ideal for studio owners interested in employing an experienced general manager and overseeing multiple studios. Aside from financial requirements, some of the attributes that make excellent multi-unit owners are:

  • Experience selecting, training, and motivating people
  • The drive to acquire and retain satisfied clients
  • The ability to understand and utilize key data
  • Sales experience and an appreciation for proven systems
  • Flexibility and a talent for turning challenges into opportunities
*As noted in the March 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).