We are in the business of changing lives — for clients, communities, and franchise owners. The Support Center will help with site selection, marketing, operations, studio openings, additional locations and everything in between. Our team of experts are properly equipped to support many of the challenges faced by franchise owners.

The Legwork

Before opening, you’ll join us at Franchise University for in-depth training covering client acquisition and scheduling, marketing, studio operating software, operations, client service path, financial modeling, key performance indicator tracking, and much more. You’ll leave well-prepared and ready for ramp-up.

The Launch

You can count on our expertise to guide you through everything from choosing a prime location to welcoming your first client.

  • Site Selection – We approve quality trade areas and real estate.
  • Lease Negotiation – We ensure leases meet the FIT36 franchise brand requirements.
  • Studio Design & Construction Management – We review all phases of construction.
  • Grand Opening – We’ll be right by your side before and during your grand opening.

Year-Round Marketing

From making your marketing plan come to life to reinvesting in our brand, we know what it takes to remain relevant in the marketplace. We provide marketing calendars based on season and strategy, along with support in building your marketing plan. Depending on your market, we will suggest a combination of:

  • Quarterly marketing milestones
  • Internal and external signage
  • Local marketing programs
  • Web and email promotions
  • Social media promotions
  • Direct mail
  • Print advertisements

The Ramp-Up

Preparation is key to ensuring your grand opening is just that, grand.

  • We provide and pitch a press release prior to your opening day so the market knows you are coming to town.
  • Website development is completed and managed digital marketing is set-up.
  • Develop marketing and client acquisition strategies.
  • We provide guidance, recommendations, research, and best practices to help you craft your customized marketing plan, taking into consideration seasonality, location, and other key factors.

Ongoing Support

You’ll enjoy abundant support from our FIT36 management team, as well as fellow franchise owners, in addition to:

  • National Conference
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Corporate-led webinars
  • Field Visits
  • Business Plan Support & Ongoing Coaching

Referral Marketing

The majority of our clients, 83 percent, would recommend FIT36® to a friend. That’s huge. Word-of-mouth advertising is arguably the most powerful enticement a prospective client can encounter. Rest assured, when you’re the best in the industry, people talk.