Fitness shaped Alex Mueller’s life starting at a very early age. From childhood on, through studying kinesiology in college and becoming a personal trainer; Alex has truly devoted his life to fitness. After graduating college, Alex needed to turn his passion and background in fitness, into a meaningful career. After meeting WellBiz Brands, Inc., a multi-brand health and wellness management company, he found that they provided a clear path to business ownership, and was particularly interested in the Fitness Together® personal training franchise.

During his time as a Fitness Together® franchise owner, Alex came to find that most of his clients didn’t need or want an elaborate routine. He observed that people just want to know that they are doing something good for their body, but don’t want to have to think about what they need to do.

After opening six Fitness Together® studios and building them to great success over five years, he wanted to expand his reach beyond personal training, but continue to inspire and help change lives.

“Fit36® presented the opportunity to open in new markets, effect more people and continue to grow my fitness portfolio. The opportunity led me to become a FIT36® franchise owner,”

Alex loved the simplicity of the FIT36® model and that it wasn’t overly complicated with too many services or programs. Alex felt that FIT36® would appeal to a broader demographic and that a lot of the typical consumer objections, like too much treadmill time or too heavy of weights, were eliminated.  He saw it as the happy medium in the fitness industry.

“Under the umbrella of WellBiz Brands, Inc, there is an opportunity to cover all angles of health and wellness, from personal training to group fitness and massage. You don’t have to look elsewhere, which is exactly why I signed on for another franchise opportunity, this time with FIT36®.

With Alex’s recent opening, he has a manager in place to run the daily operations of the business. Still a multi-unit franchise owner with Fitness Together®, Alex will find a balance of involvement in the business so he can balance time between businesses. As with his Fitness Together® studios, he wants to be as involved as he can, but will allow his manager and staff to have the autonomy to make decisions and give them a sense of ownership and pride. Alex’s role consist of high-level oversight and focuses on marketing and lead generation, while the manager oversees service and holding the rest of the team responsible for implementing the service path.

Alex advises prospective franchise owners to get very in tuned with the market that they want to enter. Learn about the psychographics and habits of the people in those areas and be involved in the community. If you are a part of the culture of that community, or if your manager is, your community will want to be more involved in your business. Regarding getting open and finding real estate, Alex recommends that franchise owners take their time to select the right real estate and ensure they don’t miss any variables.

“Do your due diligence and then keep doing it, even after your business is open,” Mueller recommends.