As a 17-year fitness industry professional, FIT36® franchise owner, Matt Cicci did his research when it came to purchasing a fitness franchise. With a master’s degree in sports and exercise science, Matt’s research approach was a critical and scientific one, leading him to FIT36®. Ultimately, the structure of the High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout and the science behind the functional movements is what led Cicci to sign on with the 36-minute workout brand.

“I know the major benefits of how the body responds to HITT and functional training,” Cicci says. “Personally, I have moved into functional fitness and training because that is what I believe in. So, FIT36 was the obvious choice after doing my research.”
His fitness background afforded him the opportunity to also look hyper-critically at FIT36® competitors. The differences between the workouts and the educational components combined with a lower investment made FIT36® the shining star. Click below for Matt’s full story: