What did Karen do before becoming a Fit 36, LLC franchisee?
karen pierceKaren had a long career in commercial construction project management. She worked for one of the largest general contractors in North America, specifically in the health and wellness space. Her career was financially rewarding but stopped being emotionally rewarding and began to take a toll on her. After many years of working incredibly long hours and being asked to relocate and continually travel, Karen made the decision to seek something more rewarding.  Karen is a Colorado native and was thrilled to expand her Colorado roots with the FIT36 ®community.

Why FIT36®  and why franchising?
Opening a business on her own was never an option. Her husband had previously opened a software company, and they knew from that experience that they wanted the backbone, expertise and insight of a franchisor. Karen looked at a couple of competing models, but nothing stuck with her the way FIT36® did.

Karen had some nerves about the newness of FIT36®, but the history of the FIT36 management team eased any hesitation she had. She was able to try the workout on a regular basis at the downtown Denver location and became completely addicted. At that point, she had to open her own FIT36®.

Why Fitness?
She has always been a fitness enthusiast, but Karen’s passion for health and wellness deepened after her brother‘s battle with cancer. After being by her brother’s side and helping him fight the disease, it became part her life’s mission to help others maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle.

What is the most rewarding part of being a FIT36 ® owner for Karen?
The sense of community that you develop is the most rewarding. The comradery of everyone coming together to help each other changes lives is incredibly powerful and rewarding for Karen.

What does she find to be the most challenging?
Being one of the pioneers in the market has been a challenge, but can also have great reward on the flipside. She also quickly learned the importance of getting into the community and making strategic staffing decision. Karen meticulously selects trainers who not only have motivating personalities but also have a strong understanding of the body to help prevent injuries.

Does Karen have a manager in place?
Karen is currently the acting manager but plans to bring on a full-time manager in the near future. She has enjoyed being very hands-on and involved in the operations of the business. Karen feels so invested in the business that she wants to be very involved.don’t want them to feel like they have to be there all the time  When she brings on a full-time manager, she plans to still be part of daily activities but more through high-level oversight and marketing implementation.

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