Meet FIT36® Franchise Owner, Lisa Petersen

Franchise candidates often ask the FIT36® Franchise Development team and franchisees, “How is the franchise support at FIT36®?” Who better to answer that question than a franchise owner who has been in the system and supported by the same management team since 2008?

For more than eight years, Lisa Petersen has owned two franchise locations with another brand supported by the FIT36® management team: Fitness Together®. In Lisa’s words, “I’ve been in the organization since 2008; if the support weren’t great, I wouldn’t have purchased a second and third franchise!”

As a FIT36® franchise owner, Lisa values the support she receives from the Support Center because it is the same level of support that she loves giving to her own clients. She also finds comfort in knowing that there are many people across the country doing the same thing she is. In addition to the operational support that Lisa is accustomed to, she calls the FIT36® marketing “a no-brainer,” because it is practically done for her.

Prior to owning Fitness Together® studios and eventually a FIT36® studio, Lisa was a full-time dental hygienist with three kids. She hit a point in her life where she wanted to have more time to spend with her family and also wanted a business of her own.  At the time, she enrolled in personal training sessions at a Fitness Together® studio and was hooked! Her experience started her journey to eventually becoming a multi-unit franchise owner.

When the FIT36® concept launched, Lisa was intrigued by the newness and excitement, and signed on because of the fun, high-energy environment and system-wide support. Lisa was thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of something new but also knew what it was like to work with the FIT36® management team and the support that they provided.

Looking back, the path to business ownership was a whirlwind for Lisa, but a good one. “It is a lot of hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding,” Lisa says.  “If you put the work in up front, it will become so much easier after opening. Open strong, open hot and it will pay off.”

Lisa has a full-time manager in place to run the day-to-day. He manages the staff, hosts weekly meetings and trains the trainers on the bi-weekly workout routines. Lisa feels that she can leave the business for a week and it won’t be impacted, because she put the work in up front to hire a reliable manager. She currently spends 20 hours per week on the business, primarily directing high-level marketing, and staying active in the community through events.

One of the most rewarding aspects for her was the pre-sale process, prior to opening. Lisa loved being able to involve prospective members in the progression of the build out to build anticipation and to show them how it was going to look and feel.  It has been exciting for her to see so many different people coming in the door every day. Overwhelmingly, the positive reviews, stronger clients, incredible results, and happy members make it all worth it.