wickliffe-bakeryEntrepreneur, Restaurateur, bakery owner; these are just a few of the titles that Marc Wickliffe and his wife Rachelle were known by. After 20+ years in the restaurant business, they have expanded their business repertoire to fitness studio owners and aren’t looking back.

Marc, who admits he’s struggled to make time for the gym throughout his life, always had one saving grace: his trainer, Andre. Andre helped Marc stay accountable with his workouts and opened him up to the word of fitness. His bond with Andre always sparked ideas of going into business together, but they just didn’t know what that business was.

Eventually, Andre decided he needed a life change and left the fitness industry to become a State Patrol officer, but, through a series of events including Andre being injured in State Patrol training and the birth of his child, he eventually moved on from being an officer of the law. He had made up his mind; he was done with state patrol and done with fitness. That is, until he came across a group fitness concept. Andre quickly solicited Marc and Rachelle to visit the fitness studio and begin their research. While they were impressed with the concept, they left the studio with critiques and feelings of “this could be done better.” They knew there had to be something else out there.
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